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About us

The HOYAPASSION company was founded out of love for rare collector's plants from the Apocynaceae / Asclepiadoideae and Araceae families, which I have grown with great passion for dozen  years.

It was my dream to tie my professional life to what I love the most, to develop in this field and to infect other hobbyists with my green enthusiasm. I believe that being surrounded by extraordinary plants and living in harmony with nature are ingredients of happiness and a source of positive energy - which I practice with great results.

The mission of HOYAPASSION is to promote your passion for plants, as well as to increase the availability of rare plant species and make it easier to buy them - thus enriching your collection with interesting specimens. I will try to make the store's assortment constantly more attractive in order to satisfy even the most demanding plant enthusiasts.

I have chosen to give you a little joy in the form of carefully packed packages, inside which you will find beautiful and healthy plants. Your satisfaction with the plants received is a priority for me, so I'll be personally watching over every stage of the order - from answering the messages to packing the packages.

Thank you for your presence and I wish you a good shopping experience!
Edyta Kubiczek



HOYAPASSION Edyta Kubiczek

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